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Legal and Administrative Advice For Companies

  • Our dedicated team offers comprehensive legal and administrative guidance covering a broad spectrum of services related to company establishment, governance, and structuring. We specialize in drafting articles of incorporation and providing expert advice on corporate governance matters. With a meticulous approach, we address all legal and administrative inquiries, ensuring clarity and compliance with regulations.
  • We facilitate the process of obtaining local and foreign investment licenses, as well as industrial licenses, for both Saudi and foreign companies. Our expertise extends to assisting foreign companies in acquiring the necessary documentation to operate within the Kingdom. Moreover, we meticulously handle the requirements for quality certificates and classifications, adhering to corporate and internal work regulations to ensure seamless compliance and operational excellence.

Legal Service

  • Our team of solicitors is adept at representing clients before a diverse array of legal forums, across various court levels to quasi-judicial committees. We handle pleadings and submissions before courts of different jurisdictions, as well as quasi-judicial bodies like the Committees for Resolution of Securities Disputes, Committees for Banking and Financial Disputes and Violations, Committees for the Resolution of Insurance Disputes and Violations, and others including the Zakat and Tax, and Customs Committees.
  • Furthermore, we specialize in enforcing judgments, both domestic and foreign, and decisions issued by judicial authorities and arbitral tribunals. Our team is equipped to navigate the intricacies of the enforcement process, ensuring our clients’ rights are upheld and remedies are obtained.
  • In addition to litigation, our team is skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and conciliation. We leverage these techniques to settle disputes efficiently and amicably whenever possible, providing our clients with cost-effective and timely resolutions tailored to their needs.

Corporate Services

  • Our team is dedicated to implementing a robust framework of organizational and administrative rules and practices that govern the relationships between stakeholders within companies. These measures are designed to safeguard the rights of all interested parties, mitigate the risk of malpractice, and uphold principles of discipline, justice, and transparency.
  • We prioritize the establishment of fair and equitable processes to ensure the rights of stakeholders are protected and respected. By promoting transparency and accountability, we aim to foster an environment conducive to quality performance and ethical conduct.
  • Furthermore, our team diligently monitors the performance and decisions of officials who wield influence over the interests of company owners. Through vigilant oversight, we strive to uphold the integrity of corporate governance structures and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

Financial Services

  • Our team specializes in drafting both conventional and Islamic financing agreements, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We provide comprehensive legal advice and support to both local and international financial institutions, guiding them through the intricacies of their financial activities.
  • Whether it’s structuring financing arrangements, drafting agreements, or providing guidance on regulatory compliance, our team offers expert assistance in various financial transactions We are well-versed in advising on investment funds, various financing mechanisms, and other aspects of financial practice, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape effectively and ethically.

Annual Subscription Services

  • Our team excels in preparing thorough legal studies for contracts, ensuring that all aspects are meticulously reviewed and analyzed. We provide comprehensive legal and administrative advice that requires a deep understanding of specific legal nuances, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.
  • Moreover, we specialize in establishing legal departments under annual contracts, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices. Our tailored approach is designed to meet the unique needs of each client, fostering efficiency, transparency, and legal integrity within their organizations.

Hourly Cost Services

  • Our team offers comprehensive legal and advisory services tailored to diverse client needs, with flexible hourly rate fees for both verbal and written consultations. Areas of expertise include Corporate Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Regulatory Compliance, International Law, and Tax Law. We ensure accessibility, affordability, and expert guidance to meet each client’s specific requirements effectively.



Throughout the process, ALUMIN's team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication. They were not only readily available to address my concerns and questions but also offered clear, insightful advice that guided me through every step of the way. Their relentless advocacy and steadfast support guided me through a difficult legal process with ease. Knowing that ALUMIN had my back provided much-needed reassurance . Thank You Alumin !

Samantha Williams

ALUMIN's dedication is unmatched! Their unwavering support and tireless efforts on my behalf resulted in a favorable resolution to my legal matter.Their expertise not only secured a positive outcome but also brought me a deep sense of peaceeful . Their relentless advocacy and unwavering support truly made a difference. I can now move forward with a profound sense of tranquility.I wholeheartedly recommend ALUMIN for anyone in need of top-notch legal assistance.


I am forever indebted to ALUMIN for their unwavering support and unparalleled legal representation. Their dedication and tireless efforts on my behalf resulted in a positive outcome that exceeded my expectations. ALUMIN's commitment to their clients is unparalleled, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Gratitude knows no bounds for their outstanding service!"I cannot thank ALUMIN enough for their exceptional service.

Khalid Abdullah

I cannot express enough gratitude to ALUMIN for their exemplary legal services during a particularly trying period in my life. Facing a complex legal issue, I turned to ALUMIN for assistance, and they exceeded all expectations. I am deeply grateful for theirunwavering support, which broughtme immense peace of mind during a challenging time.Their deep expertise in the field of shone through from the outset, providing me with a sense of confidence and assurance.

Christopher Lee

I am profoundly grateful to ALUMIN for their unwavering commitment and hard work on my behalf. Their exceptional legal representation not only achieved a favorable outcome but also provided me with peace of mind.Thanks to their unparalleled expertise, I not only achieved a favorable resolution but also gained a profound sense of tranquility. I wholeheartedly recommend ALUMIN to anyone in need of expert legal counsel Thank You Alumin !

David Smith

ALUMIN's dedication to their clients is truly remarkable. Their relentless advocacy and steadfast support guided me through a difficult legal process with ease. .Their tireless efforts and unmatched legal representation secured a favorable resolution for me . ALUMIN's commitment to their clients is unparalleled, and I cannot recommend them highly enough . I cannot thank ALUMIN enough for their exceptional service.

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